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    "In this age of mass produced conformity all of us long for the individuality of authentic hand craftsmanship. You can see in this piece of Arthur Armour hand wrought aluminum in the ageless charm and beauty which has been produced by a hammer in hands of a skilled artisan.

     Notice the delicate pattern of the engraved design and the boldness of the hammered background. feel the richness of the weight of metal. Observe how traditional craftsmanship and modern research are combined to form a surface which neither tarnishes nor mars.

     You will be as proud to own and use this piece as we are to have created it."

Map Finished_edited.jpg


Arthur Armour -  From the beginning, Arthur sought to glorify God though his craft. He had a love for the harmony of practicality and beauty. Arthur studied architecture at Carnegie Tech where he fostered his passion for design, and after graduating, began work at the famous Wendell August Forge creating hammered aluminum giftware. Amid the depression, Arthur began his own business in Grove City, PA, designing and producing hammered aluminum pieces which are still sought after to this day.

In addition to being an accomplished aluminum smith, Arthur applied his  experience in architecture   designing and building what the Armour family refers to as The Cabin. He and his wife Marian, cut this recreational work, deep in a beautiful hemlock valley where the cabin overlooks a rushing mountain stream and gorgeous waterfall.


Other architectural works include the "Stag and Doe", the "12 Apostles" as well as significant modifications to Arthur and Marian's 60 year home on Washington Boulevard where they raised thier four children.


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