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The Armour Shop

In 1933 the vacant "Grove City Pop Works" across the alley from his parents house became the center of production where Arthur Armour created his beautiful, hand crafted, aluminum pieces. From catalog products to special commissions; the tools, methods and creative process of crafting aluminum pieces originated here.

Hanging Forge Sign_edited.png

Tour the Shop

Take a self guided virtual tour and watch as Arthur his son Tom, and past workers forge a hammered aluminum waste basket - bringing the creative process back to life.

1972 Shop Photos

In 1972, 4 years before Arthur Armour closed his business, a friend dropped into the shop and took a set of professional photos that captured the aura of this iconic operation. See Arthur together with his trusted employees, Roy Barnes and George Hunter perform this unique craft. Many recall dropping in in the same way to watch the operation where Arthur was always up for witty conversation on any topic. But you had to be on your toes as he often probed with deeper questions that steered toward his faith in God and his unique outlook on life. Leave with a piece of history for your own and if you were nice, you even got a hug to go with Arthur's lasting friendship.

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